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Take control of your mind

we all recognize the importance of looking after our body by exercising and eating well.

But what do we do to look after our mind? our brain, the most important organs in our body has evolved so great that its spend much of its time-solving problem that hasn't yet occur in the future, leading to anxiety, panic or depression.

The question is: How can we make our brain stops and think about only the present when we are in the zone, in the moment.

Mindfulness/ Meditation, a practice of thousands of years, recognize to help human to control our brain.

Meditation can help, depression an anxiety, Reduce stress, Improve concentration giving us more energy. Meditation as also been shown to improve relationships, boost creativity and immunity.


Simple this 3 steps approach it's all you need

10 to 20 minutes a day

1- sit up

2-Close your eyes

3- concentrate in your breathing or repeat a sound or a word, and every time your mind is wandering, bring your thoughts back to your breath, sound or world.

Keep doing it until 15 minutes has passed.

The more you do, the easier it gets.

Each day will be different, some days will be easier than others,

over time your mind wanders less.

Once this happens you will notice how much more time you have as your brain find itself enjoying the present.


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