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How I Finally Got Serious About My Health

Hi I am Jacques going 71 2 years ago I wasn’t paying much attention to my health at all. I couldn’t run anymore due to a knee injury and for me, outdoor activities were the pinnacle of Fitness. I was working 10 hour days, taking every job I could, running a business and spending time with friends. But I wasn’t making enough time for my health. It wasn’t a priority. I couldn’t understand why I was doing the thing in my life with such intensity but not for my Fitness. The more I thought about it, the more I realized something when it comes to our well-being. With health and wellness, you’re either accountable…or you’re not. And in every other part of my life at that time, I felt accountable. The things I am best at are things where I am accountable to someone else. My sense of accountability comes from the fact that I feel that I owe it to someone. I tried to do the same thing with my health. I needed to find someone who could hold me to those standards in health as well. I needed the same drive that I had in everything I do in my life. I took a person to hold me accountable. I hired Garrick a Personal Trainer. The reason I work out every day is that I don’t want to let Garrick down. I don’t want to miss or cancel a PT session because Garrick will be upset. So that worked for me. I succeeded in finding a way for myself to make it work. I discovered that it’s not about the gym you go or a cleansing juice you drink, It’s about an enormous mental shift. It’s about believing in what you do. The tactic was accountability Now all I ask is that you’re equally honest with yourself when you answer: What will it really take for you to make the change? Nothing is more important than your health. it might be worth taking a step back and seeing how you can make a strong financial commitment to your health. Starting now could mean more extra years of doing what you love. Isn’t that reason enough? It definitely was for me. If you really want to change your life now, if you really really want to do it, Call Garrick & Jacques now 03 4792825

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