Our Group Fitness Classes

Pilates Intermediate

Improve your health and gain control of
your body and posture
 Building block for all our classes. Focus is on       breathing, activation of muscles for   strength stability of asb, back, pelvic floor and   posture re-education.


Combines the two brilliant art forms of
Yoga and Pilates.
Use of breathing techniques of yoga with the
core stability and strength of Pilates.
Benefits the body, mind and soul.
Re-education class for falls prevention
Improving co-ordination, bone density, joint
mobility and cardiovascular fitness.
(Light pace)

Sit & Be Fit, Level 1

Circuit gym for the more mature
Focus on balance, strength stability, stretches
posture and cardio fitness.
(Intermediate level)

Total Gym

Re-shape your Body Quickly with our
Total Gym Gravity Classes
Specialised resistance machines to tone your muscles, work your core, stabilise your spine
and re-educate balance
Aerial Yoga is a unique workout inspired by
yoga and pilates. Suspended in silk hammocks
you will achieve elongation, core stability, strength and relaxation.

Aerial Yoga

De-stress and raise your
endorphin levels

Core Conditioning

Walk taller, feel stronger!

Using a variety of resistance equipment
eg. Bosu, Foam Roller, broomstick. Focus is on strength, toning of abs, trunk, back and limbs

while challenging balance and stability.

Pregnancy Pilates

Expectant Mums 3 to 9 months /
Post Natal
With changes to body shape during pregnancy and after childbirth this class offers core workouts, general toning, including pelvic floor and pilates based exercises.
Whole body workout using weight training resistance and functional exercises in high intensity circuit style.

HIT 45

Sweat, have fun, burn calories, and
increase your muscle endurance

Intermediate / Advanced

Osteo Prevention, Level 2
Eighties-Inspired Fitness Classes are back!
But just because these workouts may seem retro, it doesn’t mean they aren’t the real deal when it comes to results.

Dance For Fun

Shake up your fitness routine
with a dance workout

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