Winter Challenge

Air Winter Challenge provides employers with a simple and engaging way to create a true culture of health right across their business.
Employees sign up to the AWC in teams of five and in a single event can compete for 5 weeks alongside with others teams . Participating in teams ensures that employees feel supported, enjoy some friendly competition and have a sense of accountability that will push them on to do their best.

What's is include

  • Health screening before and after / Gym orientation.
  • 5 weeks 24/7 gym access.
  • Weekly progress display
  • the winning team members will each receive 3 months 24/7 gym membership
Rates: Team of 5 $ 175 per person
Rules & Guidelines:
The Winter Challenge is a 5 week  "in the Gym" event which includes biking, rowing, running or walking.
Each team consists of 5 people
Each member of the team has 5 weeks to complete a total of 280km (210 km biking, 35 km rowing and 35 km running or walking on the treadmill in the gym in no particular order).
Each team member must complete the distance stated. Only in unforseen circumstances eg: injury or illness   other team members may complete his/her distance.
Each completed sheet must be signed off by a Air Fitness staff member.
Each team must have registered before the 30 July 2018 and paid the entry fee
The winning team is the first to complete the distance before the Sunday 2 September 2018 at 12:00 pm.