Total Gym

Reshape your Body Quickly with Our Total Gym Gravity Training Classes!
Total Gym - Basic to Intermediate

A small group class including Total Gym machines. Total Gym allows you to get stronger, using your own body weight as resistance. Focus is on cofre stability, strength, and toning the whole body.

Total Gym Power Up

Push the limits with these supercharged Total Gym workouts. A challenging plyometric series that turns up intensity linking strength and force.

Total Gym Flash 30

A new Total Gym high intensity express workout. 30 minutes of circuit style interval training built to fit into your busy day.

Total Gym Essential

The foundation of Total Gym.
Total Gym at its roots. Fundamentals we know and love using weight resistance to improve strength, core stability and tone.

Total Gym Pulse

Total Gym Rehab
This is Total Gym rehab.  For anyone with injuries or in need of some joint care. This work out is softer on body while still utilising the benefits of Total Gym.



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