Is your kid inactive?

9 to 13 years old

Our high-energy workout combines cardiovascular/resistance training and functional training in a one of a kind environment. Our program is designed to help children work on developing cardiovascular/muscular endurance, weight loss, team work and perserverance of physical and mental challenges.
The atmosphere created by the class is fun and motivational which fosters a "can do" attitude.

All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of the thoroughly trained instructors.

Did you know that children become happier and healthier adults if they are exposed to exercise at an early age? Research has proven that children who exercise regularly concentrate and perform better at school academically, are less likely to take sick days or get depression, obesity and diabetes.

The physio and fitness trainers at Air Fitness are committed towards getting schools more active and making Dunedin a healthier happier community.

We run a one hour fun and fitness class for kids at Air Fitness, utilising our antigravity hammocks, agility ladders, hula-hoops, balance domes, TRX, light weights and much more.

Rates: 10 sessions card $ 120