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Cindy Bradburn

Physiotherapist / Director of Air Fitness

When I started in 1995 I had a vision to offer clients a variety of enjoyable, effective health and fitness experiences. With my team we created a unique concept of packages specially designed to cater for clients' individual needs and to suit their busy schedules. Our team of highly skilled fitness professionals and physiotherapists take pride in delivering high quality customer service. Our mission is to create an active healthier and happier network of clients, family and friends.

Emma Holloway

 Class Instructor

Sydney born dancer Emma has trained in classical ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance from a young age. Emma has been teaching at the Bennett School of Ballet and Jazz, taking classes in jazz, musical theatre and ballet. she has been involved in musical theatre productions like Mamma Mia, Grease, Priscillia and Wicked.


Class Instructor

After recently completing her Bachelor of Physical Education at Otago University, Cadyne is thrilled to work in the Health & Exercise Industry. Completing many years of Dance & Aerobics, Cadyne has a passion for performance - this heavily influences her love for Exercise Instructing. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, teaching dance classes and performing in Musical Theatre productions like Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Mary Poppins & Wicked.

Cadyne Geary

Class Instructor

I have performed as a dancer and aerialist internationally for over 20 years. I am now happy to be here in Dunedin.Teaching and performing aerials is my passion. I believe we all need some upside down fun in our lives and that exercise definitley needs to be fun. I love seeing people try new things and seeing their excitement when they achieve something they never thought they could. 

Rochelle Brophy

Garrick Hately

Personal Trainer / Class Instructor

Garrick has been lucky enough to go to many top level sporting events as an athlete and has recently completed his Masters of Physical Education. He focused primarily in rehabilitative exercise and health promotion. "Everyone deserves to feel healthy and move freely. However, I also know that sometimes knowing where to start can be the hardest part. Therefore, as a personal trainer, I find it important to help members really understand what their goals are, and from there ensure they have the tools and help necessary to achieve success."

Laura Indrane

Class Instructor

Laura trained in Latvia by the Baltic Sea where she also had over 3 years experience working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in Riga.
She has a strong interest in sports injuries and working with high-level athletes.

Laura has a Masters in nutrition and health science, as well as her undergraduate Physiotherapy degree. Laura has a passion for sports and outdoors. Before moving to Dunedin she competed in rowing and cross-country skiing.

Jacques Villard

Marketing / Lunch & trouble Maker / Co-owner

When I meet Cindy in France in July 1996, I wasn't expecting to spend the next 21 years of my life in New Zealand. It has been an incredible journey in a country who gave me the opportunity to grow as a better person. I am proud to have contributed to the success of Air Fitness and feel very privileged working with a passionated and amazing team.

My motto " Do Shit You Love"

Stephanye Bluwal-Guzman

Massage Therapist

Stephanye is a dedicated massage therapist who has studied and trained in massage therapy, both in NZ and in the States. She has worked in a variety of places such as; clinics, hotels, and film sets. She has a background in dance and has a wonderful fascination with the human body and how it moves and performs. She was a choreographer for many years and you can sometimes see her burst into a tap step when she’s feeling the beat. She’s a free spirit and has a love of the arts, dance, music, massage and good food.

Lesley Inglis


During my long time Physiotherapy career I have worked extensively in the health and education systems in Dunedin.I have always enjoyed working with a wide variety of people of all ages treating all types of conditions applying my clinical experience to help restore movement and function affected byan jury or a disability.

I have much pride in helping people to gain improved quality of life and independence from Physiotherapy treatment and functional rehabilitation.
To balance my life as a physiotherapist I enjoy keeping active and participating in walking, gardening, swimming, aquafit, biking and travelling adventures. More recently I especially love my Granny time with our 4 grandchildren.


Matthew is passionate about helping people to improve, maintain or regain their movement capabilities and avoid or reduce pain.

Matthew has trained as an Osteopath, a pilates teacher and as a dance and movement teacher. He has taught and danced professionally all over the world, and has worked for most of the major dance companies of New Zealand.

Matthew Smith

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