AIR FITNESS Tel: 03 4792825       

283 Cnr Water & Princes Street Dunedin,

Distinction Hotel Building 2nd floor

Fitness it's like "Kiwi Saver",

the earlier you start the better.

Agility, Cardio, Balance, Coordination

learn some cool moves with Aerial Silk, foundation fitness moves and fun games pack with cool music. Our highly-trained teachers coach the best from everyone in the class, adapting her approach to match mood and energy levels so everyone ends up feeling great.

Suitable for kids age 9 to 13 Yrs old

TERM 4 / 9 WEEKS / $120

Start Monday 21 Oct - 16 Dec 2019

Every Monday 4 to 5pm

Booking Essential 4792825

Aerial yoga
Fun & Challenging
Foundation exercises